Yep. And I won’t apologize. I guess I should do a search and find out just how many blogs there out there about Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Walt Disney, Imagineers, etc.

You know what? I will do that.

I think there may be three kinds of people out there when it comes to websites, blogs,podcasts,  tweets, and the like, when it comes to Disney World:

  • Those who for one reason or another want it all, want to know it all, want to be able to “enlist” others in their mouse-absorption – cult, even perhaps to the detriment of what else may or may not be in their life.
  • Those who feel the need to do their homework in order to make the most of what they would like to take from a trip to Disney World or Disneyland.
  • Those who think the first two groups are out of their Goofy-minds and would probably not be reading this or any other Disney blog in the first place.

On a scale of one to ten, with ten being that I am metaphysically united with the castle, the mouse, the theme parks, the resorts, etc.. and one being that I do what I have to do to enjoy a vacation there, I’d put myself up around a seven.

I used to think I was a ten until I began to read the boards and listen to the podcasts, and read others’ blogs, and the travel guides, and the websites and then realized I was at best in the Double A league, certainly not the major leagues! I am ok with that.

But what I want to do in this blog is actually explore the minds and souls of those of us who really spend their energy on all things related to their pilgrimages to Orlando.

Let’s start with a trial: The Family Farkle, versus Father Farkle, in The Case of the Swat Team Planner: