This was the first order of business in the case of the Farkle Family versus their Father Fred.

Setting: Court room. Various Disney characters and Cast members are already seated.

Entrance rear: Attorneys, both for the Plaintiff and the Defendant enter from rear door. The Plaintiffs, Fanny Farkle, wife; Francine Farkle, teenage daughter; and Fabio Farkle, younger son, enter next and sit beside their attorney, Filomena Francis.

After they are seated, the defendant, Fred Farkle, enters from the rear entrance and sits with his attorney, Frank Philpot. As he seats himself he shoots a friendly glance at his family. They return the glance with a smile.

Court Clerk: All rise for Judge Julia.

The courtroom participants rise in unison. Judge Julia strides in  from stage right, acknowledges her Court Clerk and sits herself. She props glasses at the end of her nose, opens a thick folder, looks over her glasses at the courtroom.

Judge Julia: You may be seated. Court Clerk please read the charges.

Court Clerk: On this day we are hear to judge the complaints of the Farkle Family, Mrs. Fanny Farkle, Francine Farkle, and Fabio Farkle against the defendant, Mr. Fred Farkle. Their complaints are that Mr. Farkle’s so-called Type A obsession with Walt Disney World and particularly with planning every detail about any such trip in fact ruins any enjoyment they may have had from any said trip and indeed becomes a matter of such strain and stress that they suffer from physical and emotional ailments as a result of Mr. Farkle’s behavior.

Courtroom participants begin to murmur.

Judge Julia: (pounds the gavel) Oh we’ll have no such reaction from the visitors.

Very well, we will hear opening arguments from the Plaintiff’s attorney tomorrow.

And that will be on the next post!