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JUDGE JULIA: Miss Francis. Do you wish to cross examine Mr. Farkle?

FRANCIS: Most assuredly and most briefly too, Your Honor.

JUDGE JULIA: Proceed then.

FRANCIS: With your permission Your Honor, first I am going to ask the two individuals in the rear of the courtroom to rise.

JUDGE JULIA: I will allow it for now.

FRANCIS: Thank you. (She points to the a man and a woman. They rise.) Mr. Farkle, do you know the two individuals who are standing?

FARKLE: I am afraid not.

FRANCIS: They are members of DWD. Do you know the group?

FARKLE: Actually I have heard of them. Disney World De-Programmers. They are hired to take  in individuals who may be too preoccupied with Walt Disney and Walt Disney World and help them stay clear of their so-called addiction.

FRANCIS: Mr. Farkle, do you consider yourself a candidate for DWD?

FARKLE: Of course not.

FRANCIS: I wonder Mr. Farkle, can you tell me the capacity of the Men’s Room in the American Adventure Pavilion?

FARKLE: Yes, it has 6 stalls and 12 urinals, it …

FRANCIS: Thank you Mr. Farkle. Your Honor no more questions.