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JUDGE JULIA: Mr. Philpot, any more witnesses?

PHILPOT: Yes your Honor, defense calls Mr. Les Tello.

Les Tello, stands, some in courtroom break out in applause.

JUDGE JULIA (pounds gavel): Oh we’ll have none of that in my courtroom.

Les Tello takes the stand

JUDGE JULIA: Mr. Philpot please proceed.

PHILPOT: Mr. Tello, clearly some of the individuals in the courtroom know you. But suppose you tell the rest of us what your credentials may be insofar as this case is concerned.

TELLO: Well I am an author of several books about Walt Disney World. I do a weekly podcast about Disney World. I answer questions about vacationing there . I sometimes offer touring advice and am myself an avid and unashamed devotee of the traditions and themes of anything that has to do with Walt Disney.

PHILPOT: Do you know my client?

TELLO: I have never met him but he has sent me an occasional email question.

PHILPOT: Based on your interactions with your fan base and on what you know about Mr. Farkle and this case would you characterize him as an outlandish, excessive Disney-nut.

MONGELLO: Well I am an attorney too, and before Ms. Francis objects to your question I will say quickly that I am no psychologist and don’t know Fred first hand. But look, I get emails, questions, meet with, and have lots of other interactions with many, many, folks like Fred. In my view Fred is just a good guy who happens to enjoy all that there is offered by Walt Disney World. And folks not like Fred, who may have a different world view from what he has really shouldn’t judge him for that.

PHILPOT: Can you add anything else?

TELLO: Many people don’t realize that Walt Disney World is  more than Cinderella’s Castle. It is a huge and complex place that can intimidate and overwhelm a visitor unless they do their homework. They can also shortchange themselves by not learning about packages, tours, special offers, and events, let alone using some sort of haphazard touring strategy that leaves out more than leaves in. Fellows like Fred actually serve a very positive function for those he helps.

PHILPOT: Thank you Les, Ms. Francis, your witness.