JUDGE JULIA: Miss Francis, you are prepared to deliver your closing statement?

FRANCIS: I am Your Honor. Judge Julia and to you the jury. Thank you for your participation and interest in bringing this matter to conclusion. Your Honor, Plaintiff has no intention to punish Mr. Farkle for his zeal and passion about Walt Disney and Walt Disney World. For sure, there are millions of fans that draw much, much enjoyment from what Disney World is all about and Plaintiff would never presume to quarrel with the “Wisdom of the Crowd”. In another words, as someone said, “Fifty million Frenchmen can’t be wrong.”

Plaintiff’s quarrel and quest to find Mr. Farkle culpable is more nearly about Fred’s combination of obsession with autocratic and unilateral imposition of this same obsession on those whom he loves most.

Your Honor you and the jury have heard his family testify about the excesses to which he subjected them. Your Honor, while some might have been amused by his son’s own preoccupation with Disney, in my mind this only confirms that Mr. Farkle’s actions have adversely affected this young man’s psyche.

Your Honor, the testimony of his family says all that needs to be  said and proves beyond any question that Fred must be stopped.

In closing Your Honor, Plaintiff does not seek harsh or punitive damages. Plaintiff seeks relief from one man’s dream.

Thank you.